Custom Metal Buildings

Steel Valley Structures offers a multitude of customization options that can be applied to all of our building types. If you do not see a building on our website that would fit your specific needs, or if you see a building that would require some changes, we give you the freedom to alter or add custom options. Visit our features page to browse just some options we offer. You can also use our 3D Build & Price tool to explore options and create the unique building made to fit your needs!

Options and Upgrdades

Fully Customizable

Many customizers have a specific design in mind when they come to us for help with a project. Steel Valley Structures is here to assist you with creating your unique building to fit your budget. We have multiple options in regard to size, color, trim, and other features to fit your functional and aesthetic needs. Contact an expert today with any questions you may have, or use our 3D Build & Price tool to receive your free quote.

Why Choose Us?

Steel Valley Structures is a trusted dealer for metal buildings and structures. We offer affordable, durable options and match our customer's specifications to ensure you are getting the highest quality building for your needs. All of our buildings are engineer certified for your state's specific codes. Contact us today or use our 3D Builder to receive a free quote!
Have an idea for a building and want to see it visualized? Our Build & Price tool allows you to create and customize a 3D rendering of your perfect building.
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