Steel RV Carports

Protect your vehicle from the elements using our cost-effective, robust carports structures. Our carports come in various sizes and styles, catering to diverse needs. Steel Valley Structures provides engineer certification for all of our buildings, ensuring your vehicle will be shielded from harsh rain, snow, and sun.

Options and Upgrdades

Roof Styles

Choose from three roof styles to complete your carport:
  • STANDARD - This roof style is the most cost-effective for shielding your vehicle from the elements.
  • A-FRAME HORIZONTAL - This roof style has panels running from front to back, giving it the popular residential style look.
  • A-FRAME VERTICAL - The most durable of the three options, this style is recommended for areas that see heavy snow fall and wide span carports.

Sizing Specifications

Steel Valley Structures offers a range of sizes for our carports. Whether you need to store a small vehicle or have enough room to cover a large parking space, we will work with you to engineer the right sized building.
  • LENGTH - ¬†There are many popular and standard lengths for carports, but we can build up to any length you choose!
  • WIDTH - ¬†Carports are generally between 12 and 30 feet wide, but Steel Valley Structures can build structures up to 100 feet wide.
  • HEIGHT - The leg heights on our buildings start at 6 feet high and go as tall as 20 feet.
Have an idea for a building and want to see it visualized? Our Build & Price tool allows you to create and customize a 3D rendering of your perfect building.
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